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An admirer's lament

Any visitor to Werdenberg who is looking for an artist will hardly come across Hans Eggenberger. However if the visitor chances to meet Hans, the trained surveyor, he/she will soon realise that he/she has found an artist.
Hans Eggenberger has developed the basics of his learned trade to a mature form of art: he has adopted the precision; he has refined professional structure and design to implement them as tools for comprehensive statement and, in the form of exceptional ideas which are striking in their simplicity, has mixed them with a large portion of individual inspiration. The resulting art has progressed far from the traditions of surveyance geometry but its origins have not been suppressed. The artist from Grabs has remained true to himself. Indeed, during his personal quest, he almost appears to have attained his most inherent, creative mode of expression, a path of effortless but compelling development. The words of greeting in the visitors' book appear to endorse the above. Oscar Wilde's words and ideas are cited and the following quotation is an introduction: "Art is the strongest known form of individualism in the world ..." Hans Eggenberger is in the midst of a journey, on a search for his own individuality following a path the destination being his own self. However there can be no final destination on a path of discovery and, indeed, there appears to be no end in sight. During a creative period which is to date relatively short, Hans Eggenberger has shown that he is always in a position to surprise. As soon as he becomes established in one distinct style and can start to enjoy popularity in artistic circles, for example with his theatre landscapes, then he strides on forwards towards new adventures leaving behind those admirers who experienced him as tangible and understandable. They will react by wallowing in their memories and wondering why new practices are necessary at all. However, at some future stage, he enthrals them again, the admirers of his artistry. He allows them to share his thoughts for a short period of time until he recontinues his advancement to incomprehensible and challenging fields. The visitors' book contains a further quotation from Oscar Wilde: "Only the artist is in a position to create something beautiful without making allowances for his fellow men, without intervention, and he is not a true artist when he fails to reach individual delight". If we take the above words literally, then Hans Eggenberger is an artist.

He is not only someone who implements art, compasses, ruler or stencil contrary to unwritten laws, in addition, he is not willing to make compromises or tolerate inaccuracy in his choice of expressional method. Reduction of expression to the essential is a concern and an obligation; the simpler the statement on the canvas, the greater his struggle for this statement.
Hans Eggenberger is a tangible artist who will slip away repeatedly. He is a conversational artist who will challenge and invoke new ideas. He is a political personality searching for his own self who, with the help of his art, can induce those concerned with his artistic works to more structured and exact thinking, to a forced reduction to essentials, thus leading them a considerable distance on a journey to their core and to their elementary desires and wishes.
Hans Eggenberger will presumably remain a "artistic rambler" for the rest of his life, not lingering at one fixed mode of expression for a longer period of time. For this reason, the present brochure can only be seen as a transitory representation of the momentary situation.

Hansjürg Vorburger

Text to Catalogue "Hans Eggenberger"
Published in October 1985